DYMO Metal Tape Embosser

Experience the efficiency of the DYMO Metal Tape Embosser, ideal for industrial labeling. With precision embossing, ensure lasting identification for your assets and equipment. Durable and reliable, this embosser offers a seamless labeling solution.

M1011 Features:
– Tough cast-aluminum labeler for industrial tasks
– Embossed characters for visibility in dirt or paint
– Portable custom length embossed markers
– Superior durability with imprints
– Includes sturdy carrying case, character wheel, embossing tool, aluminum and stainless steel tapes
– Weather, temperature, and corrosion-resistant tapes
– Front scissor cutoff with rounded corners for easy application
– Built-in hole punch for nail and screw labels
– Cable tie slot punch for cable marking

Benefits of Using the DYMO Rhino Metal Tag Embosser Printer

With the DYMO Rhino Metal Tag Embosser Printer, you get superior durability and reliability. The imprints are weather, temperature, and corrosion-resistant, ensuring that your labels remain intact over time. Additionally, the built-in hole punch and cable tie slot punch features make this embosser versatile for various labeling tasks. For more details on how this product stands up to industry standards, check out the ANSI/ASME Labeling Standards.



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DYMO Metal Tape Embosser stands as a stalwart solution for your diverse labeling needs. Crafted with durability and reliability in mind, it proves invaluable across various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and facility management. This robust device ensures clear and precise equipment marking, enhancing efficiency and organization in your operations.

At the heart of its design lies a commitment to enduring performance.The DYMO Metal Tape Embosser offers unwavering reliability, even in the face of demanding conditions. Its solid construction instills confidence, providing a dependable tool for consistent results day in and day out.

Whether you’re labeling machinery on the factory floor, pipes at a construction site, or assets in a facility, this device rises to the occasion. Its easy to use interface and user-friendly design streamline the labeling process, empowering you to achieve professional-quality results with ease. With every embossment, it delivers crisp and legible markings, ensuring clarity and precision in your identification efforts.

Beyond its durability and performance, the DYMO Metal Tape Embosser excels in versatility. It adapts to a wide range of labeling tasks, offering flexibility to meet your evolving needs. From marking serial numbers and part codes to identifying equipment and assets, it serves as a versatile tool in your toolkit, enhancing efficiency and organization across your operations.

Moreover, the DYMO Metal Tape Embosser embodies a commitment to quality craftsmanship. It contains premium materials and precision engineering, it exemplifies excellence in design and manufacturing. Its attention to detail and robust build ensure longevity, providing a lasting solution that stands the test of time.

In summary, the DYMO Metal Tape Embosser represents the epitome of reliability, durability, and versatility in labeling technology. From its strong construction to its user-friendly interface, every aspect of this device is engineered to enhance your labeling experience. Whether you’re marking equipment in a factory, labeling pipes on a construction site, or identifying assets in a facility, this embosser offers a dependable solution for all your labeling needs.

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