Odour Control Units from Ecolo

Odour Control Units from Ecolo



XStream Vapour Technology has been developed to provide consistency and efficient results. The small particles are an average of 1 micron. Each spray produces miniature particles that spread evenly throughout the air and collide with odour molecules to eliminate unpleasant odour. The advantages are as below.

  • A compatible waterless solution
  • Neutralizes agents containing complex proprietary blends
  • Functions in below-freezing conditions
  • Eliminates any odour complaints
  • Concentrated & ready to use
  • Automated and independent multi-zone operation

Containerized sewage treatment plants are standard containers that have STPs installed inside. It is an effective method for transporting the entire waste water treatment system from one location to another, which is particularly useful for temporary camps and construction sites.

Grease traps have been made compulsory by the government in restaurants and food processing industries to remove solids, grease, and oils present in waste water before it gets discharged into the common waste water disposal system. The waste water generated from restaurants contain high amounts of viscous fat and cooking grease, which, if released untreated, combine with other solids present in the main waste water stream and lead to blockage of drain pipes.


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