O&M and AMC of ETPs & STPs


Proper operation of waste water treatment plants is a must for compliance to the requirements for which the plants were installed. There should be a justification as to why the system was installed and for the savings the plant is supposed to bring in, along with the sustainability aspect of having such systems in place. Emvees recognises the need for proper operation of the systems, for systems built by Emvees as well as those of the other suppliers. We have with us an efficient and well experienced team of engineers, technicians and operators. This team will take up the O&M of ETPs and STPs and run the same, with no stress to the facility owner. Advantages of O&M.

  • Efficient and proper operation by experts in the field
  • Ready stock of specialty chemicals and nutrients required for the treatment plants
  • Trouble shooting and rectification of systems
  • In-house lab for checking parameters randomly (for internal use only


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