Band-IT SS Ties, Bands, Buckles & Clips, Identification System Distributor

Comprehensive Range of Band-IT Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Accessories for Diverse Applications

Arabian Arrow Supply and Services Co Ltd (ARACO) is the authorized distributor and stockist for all our branded products and focuses on delivering high-quality, durable, and reliable Band IT SS products in these categories to meet the demands of different industries. Our emphasis on Band-IT SS products suggests a commitment to stainless steel materials known for their durability and corrosion resistance. Band-IT 316 stainless steel cable ties are specified for cable strapping and banding in offshore, marine atmospheres and hazardous area locations where cables are exposed to chemicals, hydrocarbons, salts, acids, and high temperatures. We also offer Saudimade Band-IT banding products thru the local manufacturer Band Arabia Factory Co Ltd (BAFCO) as the authorized sole distributor and stockist.

Arabian Arrow specializes in various Band-IT SS products that cater to different needs:

  1. Band-IT Ball Lok Ties: The BAND-IT Ball-Lok range of stainless steel cable ties provide fast and reliable bundling of LV MV HV cables for maximum strength, reliability, durability and clamping of cables. The corrosion resistant Band-IT stainless steel ties are used to bundle, tie or fasten cables in both onshore and offshore locations including solar, drilling, oil & gas, industrial, substation and hazardous area locations, with potentially explosive atmospheres.
  2. Ultra Lok Ties: BAND-IT Ultra-Lok cable ties are LSF LSZH (Low Smoke & Fume | Low Smoke Zero Halogen)and feature excellent corrosion resistance to aggressive chemicals, hydrocarbons, drilling fluids, electrical insulating oils and extreme operating temperatures (fire resistant/fire retardant).BAND-ITstainless steel cable ties have an Ultra Lok locking style – the smooth ID ties feature a low profile and strong patented dimple lock to prevent damage to cable sheath/jackets.
  3. Reusable Ties: BAND- IT Reusable AE Ties consist of a one-piece construction with unique clamp buckle designs, capable of double wrapping for special strength requirements and reliable installation. Constructed of 316 Stainless Steel with PPA571 coating, the reusable cable ties are resistant to stress cracking and adverse weather conditions – these cable ties are specified for bundling, clamping and supporting LV MV HV power, control and instrumentation cables.
  4. Band-IT SS Bands: BAND-IT cable ties and management products are serving engineered solutions designed and constructed to meet the strictest quality standards and survive the harshest conditions for the bundling and secure fastening of data, control and high voltage power cables in wind tower locations – weather-proof and corrosion resistant cable ties are specified for tower lighting cables and weather monitoring systems at the top of the nacelle area where heat, UV and cold are all severe environmental factor. Additionally, salt atmospheres, ice frost damage and moisture exposure can lead to premature degradation of under-specified nylon or non-metallic cable ties – stainless steel cable ties provide excellent resistance to weather conditions, UV radiation, extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals or fire.
  5. SS Color Bands: Band-IT COLOR-IT® Coatings / coloured band are available in a variety of colors and types providing superior performance and manufactured with your specific application in mind. Whether you are color-matching decorative light poles, identifying materials, or matching existing hardware on specific projects, COLOR-IT® has the right coating for your project needs. Arabian Arrow is carrying the largest stock in all the colors.
  6. All-Purpose Band : BAND-IT All Purpose Band is ideal for wrapping and strapping around cable or pipes while the pre-punched holes ensure quick and easy fastening – the BAND-IT banding is available in both 316 stainless steel or galvanised carbon steel which is resistant to abrasion, corrosive environments and UV light for indoor or outdoor pipe and cable management applications.
  7. SS Buckles & Clips: Complementary accessories to the bands, providing secure closure and stability.Band-IT is suitable for applications where vibration is a problem. Band & clips are resistant to UV light, salt spray and chemicals. Available in 25m coils or pre-cut lengths with clip already attached. Band & Buckle can be quickly formed to suit virtually any diameter.
  8. SS Identification System: This system likely includes various tools and products designed for easy identification and labeling within applications.BAND-IT ID Tags & Systems are a range of cable tags manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel in grade 304 and 316.  The tags have no sharp edges and will therefore not cause damage to cables, pipes or hoses and they are attached using BAND-IT Tie-Lok Ties.The BAND-IT ID Tag Imprinter Tool enables the installer to print their own tags – available with different character sizes and with the character wheel, weighs 29.5lbs 0.22kgs.
  9. Tightening & Hand Tools: Essential tools to ensure proper installation and tightening of bands, ties, buckles, and clips.C001 BAND-IT® Tool is to use on band widths of 3/16″ to 3/4″. Comes with a spin handle retaining ring to keep parts intact. It drop forged tool with built in cutter, Spring loaded gripper lever improves ease of use, Blue epoxy powder coated finish resists corrosion elements. C075 Bantam Tool; BAND-IT® Bantam tool is a compact, lightweight, ratchet action tool with built in cutter. It has 3 way handle adjusts for one or two-handed tensioning, it is useful in tight areas with minimal access. It usewith coated and uncoated BAND-IT® ties, Coated Band, Coated BAND-FAST™ or Valustrap up to 19mm wide. We do have extensive stock for Band-IT tools.
  10. Mounting Hardware & Brackets: Additional hardware and brackets designed to support the installation and use of Band-IT SS products in various applications. It used to mount traffic signs, security devices and enclosures, Hex head bolts with metal &fibre washer, no nuts required.

If you’re looking for specifics about the quality standards or details about any particular product within these categories, you may send your inquiry to us!