Band-IT SS Cable Tie

BAND-IT was founded in 1937 in Littleton, CO, the need for durable, reliable industrial fasteners predates recorded human history. BAND-IT is more than a simple success story about an American manufacturer cutting its roots deep into the industrial marketplace. BAND-IT’s realization of success comes from the commitment to understanding the properties of stainless steel and how the transformation from raw material to stainless steel fasteners functions and “breathes” on a molecular level. That level of intimacy drives BAND-IT to create and design solutions for all market needs including harsh duty applications where there is no tolerance for failure and lives are on the line.

We, Arabian Arrow Supply & Services Company Limited, is the authorized distributor and stockist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Band-IT SS Ties

3M Fire Barrier Sealant

3M Firestop

3M Firestop / Sealant

Comprehensive fire protection includes fire detection, fire containment and fire suppression. 3M Fire Protection Products address fire containment and are an integral part of a well designed fire protection system. Our understanding of the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases helps us continue to create preventative and affordable firestopping solutions to refineries, petrochemical companies, schools, hospitals, hotels and high rise buildings etc. 3M is proud to be the industry leader in firestopping. Our dedication to stringent testing and code developments help make buildings safer today than they were even 10 years ago.  And when that dedication is backed by a brand as powerful as 3M, you get what you would expect – proven reliability and outstanding service. As an industry leader, 3M drives technologies that enable lower cost building solutions. For instance, 3M intumescent technology enabled the use of plastic pipes that were originally banned in commercial buildings due to their combustible nature – providing a cheaper, easy-to-install solution for electrical conduits and plumbing lines. We, Arabian Arrow Supply & Services Company Limited, is the authorized stockist and distributor in Saudi Arabian market.

Fothergill Welding Fire Blanket

Fothergill Engineered Fabrics Ltd is a leading European-based weaver and knitter of glass fiber, aramid and carbon fiber. Fothergill also manufactures specialist hybrid fabrics and utilize other fibers, such as stainless steel, in weaves.

The Company operates fully staffed on-site laboratories with temperature and humidity controlled environments for testing in-coming materials, in-process production and finished goods, as well as for developing new products to either industry standard or customer bespoke applications.

We, Arabian Arrow Supply & Services Company Limited, is the authorized distributor and stockist for Fothergill Welding Fire Blanket for the Middle East region.

Fothergill Fire Blanket
Cobra Fasteners

Cobra Cable Tie & Adhesive Mounts

COBRA Nylon Fasteners / Cable Tie, an Italian company, manufacturer of cable ties, fixing accessories and wall plugs. For many years it has been addressing the Italian and international market, offering supplies of quality and flexibility.

Cobra (Cieffeplast) produces technical items in plastic, especially cable ties and wall plugs. We address the national and international market, offering flexibility and customized services.

We, Arabian Arrow Supply & Services Company Limited is the authorized distributor and stockist for the Middle East region