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Band-IT SS


3M Firestop

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Fothergill Welding Fire Blanket

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Cobra Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts

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 Industrial Products and Solutions: A Dive into Our Diverse Product Range

Products variety at Arabian Arrow extends across diverse categories, catering to a multitude of industries and needs. As the authorized distributor and stockist, our extensive inventory showcases a wide array of products and variations, ensuring comprehensive solutions for our customers.

Band-IT SS

Arabian Arrow offers a range of BAND-IT stainless steel products: cable ties, strapping, clamps, banding, buckles, and ID tag systems. Known for excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, they perform reliably in extreme temperatures. Our diverse selection serves industries like utilities, power, renewable energy, construction, rail, mining, quarrying, offshore, oil, gas, and petrochemical. Specifically designed for fast, consistent cable bundling and clamping, BAND-IT products excel in harsh environments and high-voltage applications. Trust us as your supplier for the complete range of BAND-IT cable tie, clamping, and identification solutions.

3M Firestop

This likely refers to fire protection and prevention products for the solutions through penetrations, protective wrap systems, and construction joints. 3M is known for its fire barrier or stopping solutions that help seal gaps and penetrations in structures to avert the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, especially on high-raised buildings. Safeguard air and grease ductwork, electrical circuitry, and other components behind walls with the advanced fire stopping technology of 3M’s protective wrap systems. Lightweight, flexible 3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615 is a proven alternative to 1- and 2-hour fire-resistant rated shaft enclosures when you need to protect grease ducts.

Fothergill Welding Fire Blanket

Fothergill offers fabric welding fire blankets designed to extinguish small fires or shield against sparks and splatter during welding, cutting, or grinding. Fothergill Welding fire blankets serve as an excellent shield against fire and heat. Our welding blankets are the most reliable protection against heat, sparks, and splatter for vertical and horizontal surfaces. Silica is better for protecting the workspace from slags and even molten splatters. Silica is better for protecting your workspace from slags and even molten splatters. The range of Fothergill Engineered Fabrics’  heat resistant materials covers virtually all thermal insulation and thermal protection applications. This is used to avoid welding splatter damage.

Cobra Zip Tie & Adhesive Mounts

CieffeplastCobra brand Nylon Cable Tie provides comprehensive fastening solutions for wire harness positioning and cable fixing. Cobra Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts complement cable ties by providing adhesive-backed mounts for securing cables or other items. These mounts offer a convenient and secure way to organize and manage cables in various applications. With Cobra self adhesive cable tie mounts for plastic cable ties, it easily guide and secure cables and tubes. Our high-quality products such as Self-Adhesive Tie Mounts, Saddle Type Tie mounts, Adjustable cable clamps, R-type cable clips, and Twist Tie. It is often used to fix the wiring of electric machinery, electronics, and air conditioners.

Delta Plus PPE and Fall Protection

PPE is crucial on construction sites, and protecting workers’ safety is a priority. DeltaPlus designed a complete range of PPE and fall protection to give you comfort and design at work in complete safety. Whatever your field of activity, you’ll find the right product for your needs in terms of comfort, design and performance in our wide range of safety gloves.The sectors in which we operate Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing, Construction, Utilities / Energy, Manufacturing, Food industry, Oil & Gas processing and Petrochemical (OGPC) / Mining,  Transportation / Storage, Facilities Services and Other sectors.DeltaPlus offers complete personal and collective protection solutions for all industries.

This diverse range of offerings, from stainless steel bands to fire protection solutions and cable management accessories, suggests that Arabian Arrow Supply and Services Co Ltd (ARACO) aims to provide comprehensive solutions across industries, emphasizing quality, durability, and safety in our products. If you have specific questions or requirements about any of these products or need more detailed information, feel free to submit inquiry or contact us!