Hand Tools

  1. Strapping Tools: Band-It’s strapping tools provide efficient and secure bundling solutions for various materials, ensuring optimal load stability in transportation, warehousing, and other applications.
  2. Clamping Tools: Engineered for precision clamping of hoses, pipes, and cables, Band-It’s clamping tools offer reliable sealing and fastening solutions in plumbing, HVAC, and industrial piping systems.
  3. Fastening Tools: From manual tensioning tools to pneumatic and battery-powered options, Band-It’s fastening tools enable quick and secure attachment of bands, ties, and straps, enhancing productivity and safety in assembly and maintenance tasks.
  4. Cutting Tools: Band-It’s cutting tools deliver clean and accurate cuts on various materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastics, facilitating efficient fabrication, trimming, and repair operations.
  5. Accessories: Complementing its core tool offerings, Band-It provides a wide range of accessories such as buckles, seals, and dispensers, ensuring comprehensive solutions for every application requirement.


Hand tools by Band-It are renowned for their innovation and reliability, simplifying banding, clamping, and strapping across industries. These tools embody precision, durability, and user-friendly design, catering to the needs of professionals worldwide.

Commitment to Craftsmanship and Functionality

At the heart of Band-It’s hand tool lineup is a commitment to craftsmanship and functionality, ensuring exceptional performance in construction, telecommunications, automotive, and more.

Precision Tools for Every Task

The Band-It Jr. Hand Tool offers precise tensioning and cutting of stainless steel banding in a compact, comfortable design, favored by technicians globally.

Robust Solutions for Demanding Environments

For heavy-duty applications, the C075 Hand Tool provides robustness and reliability, ideal for challenging industrial environments.

Streamlined Efficiency with Pneumatic Tools

Band-It’s pneumatic tools, like the T300, streamline high-volume operations with rapid tensioning and sealing capabilities, reducing fatigue and labor time.

Uninterrupted Power with Battery-Powered Tools

Innovation continues with battery-powered tools like the T550, combining mobility with power for demanding tasks, ensuring uninterrupted operation with its rechargeable battery pack.

Quality Assurance for Peace of Mind

Each Band-It tool undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and durability, instilling confidence in users for the toughest environments.

Engineering Excellence for Reliable Performance

In summary, Band-It hand tools epitomize engineering excellence, offering precise, efficient, and reliable solutions for banding, clamping, and strapping needs across industries.


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